Sigave, Wallis & Futuna

BRIEF HISTORY: The islands of Futuna and Alofi were discovered in 1616 by the Dutch Lemaire and Schouten. The kingdom of Sigave was founded in 1784. In 1888, Futuna became a French protectorate.
After a 27/12/1959 referendum in favor, the islands of Wallis and Futuna acquired on 29/7/1961 the French status of Territoire d’Outre Mer (Overseas Territory). Sigave is one of the 3 French districts on the
island of Futuna. The islands of Wallis and Futuna have a limited sovereignty, the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Finance being handled by the French, and other matters being handled by a Council composed
of 6 members among whom the King (Lavelua) of Uvea (Tui Uvea), the Tuiagaifo (King) of Alo and the King of Sigave (Tuisigave). Sigave's population is 1,872.

SOURCES: L’Express 24/8/1997
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Krzysztof Pawel Kurzeja (22/3/2004, 4/11/2004)
John Duncan McMeekin (11/4/2008)

UPDATED: 23/3/2013

DYNASTY (royal clan): Vanai

RELIGION: Roman Catholic

SUCCESSION: The Lavelua is selected among the royal families. Traditionally elected for 3 years.

Dynasty Head
: HM The King (Lavelua) of Sigave (Tuisigave)
(Fiua Palace, Sigave, Wallis & Futuna)

Tui: King

DYNASTY HEAD: HM Viseliop Moeliku, King (Lavelua) of Sigave (Tuisigave) since 10/3/2004, President of the Royal Council composed of 5 ministers, all village chiefs, °1922

NOBILITY: On 1/5/2005, the King granted the hereditary title of Pce Kurzeja de Fatua to Krzysztof Pawel Kurzeja.

Tuikamea (1st king)

Inosiopogoi (2nd king)

Latuka, 3rd King ....-1800, +1800

Vanai Tamole

Occupation by Alo 10/8/1839-1841

Samu Keletaona, also known as Petelo 1842-1845

Fasio Tamole, also known as Alefosio 1851-1887

Anise Tamole 1887-c1888

Lutoviko Paikea Keletaona 1889-...., reelected ....-....

Savelio Tamole

Tamasi Kelekele

Matéo Vanai Tamolevai

Sui Tamole

Likavelo Manufiua, Tuisigave (King of Sigave), +1929

Fenio Keletaona 1929-1932

Sui Tamole Vanai 1932-1940

Amole Keletaona 1941-29/9/1949

Soaué Vanai Tamole 1950-....

Pio Keletaona ....-27/6/1955

Sileno Tamole 1955

Sakopolo Tamole 11/7/1955-18/1/1957

Steofano Lavelua Keletaona 22/1/1957-4/8/1959

Veu Sileno Tamole 29/9/1959-7/4/1969

Alefosio Keletaona 31/7/1969-24/5/1971

Amosola Ilolio Tamole 1/6/1971-30/9/1972, +1973

Nasalio Keletolona, Tuisigave (King of Sigave) 1/12/1972-1982

Sageito Keletaona 4/8/1982-1/4/1987

Sosefo Vanai 1/4/1987-5/4/1990

Lafaele Talau, Tuisigave (King of Sigave) 10/5/1990-26/10/1994

Soane Patita Sokotaua, Tuisigave (King of Sigave) 26/10/1994-1997

Keletaona Pasilio 26/9/1997-26/9/2003, °1922

HM Viseliop Moeliku, King (Lavelua) of Sigave (Tuisigave) since 10/3/2004 (see above, Dynasty Head)