Taporog, Philippines

BRIEF HISTORY: A sultanate located in the Pangampong (Principality) of Bayabayo in Mindanao, belonging to the confederation of the Sultans of Lanao or Ranao (Pat a Pangampong a Ranao or Pat a Pong Ampong a Ranao or Pata Pengampong ko Ranao), created in 1640 and one of the 16 ruling royal sultanates (Panoroganan) today recognized by the Philippines government.

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka" pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl (17/5/2003, 16/12/2008)

UPDATED: 16/12/2008

Pangampong: principality
Panoroganan: equivalent to His Royal Highness (HRH)

Head of the Dynasty
: HRH The (Panoroganan) Sultan of Taporog