Maribo, Philippines

BRIEF HISTORY: A sultanate located in the Pengampong (Principality) of Bayobayo in Mindanao, belonging to the confederation of the Sultans of Lanao or Ranao (Pat a Pangampong a Ranao or Pat a Pong Ampong a Ranao or Pata Pengampong ko Ranao), created in 1640 and one of the 16 ruling royal sultanates (Panoroganan) today recognized by the Philippines government.

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka" (17/5/2003, 23/1/2005, 25/8/2007, 16/12/2008)

UPDATED: 16/12/2008

Pangampong: principality
Panoroganan: equivalent to His Royal Highness (HRH)

Head of the Dynasty
: HRH The (Panoroganan) Sultan of Maribo

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: HRH (Panoroganan) Nasser Magomnang, Sultan of Maribo


Amai Sampaco c1903


Rashid Sampaco c1967, sometime Chair of the Grand Council of the 28 Sultanates Legislative Assembly (Ranao Pangampongs)

HRH (Panoroganan) Nasser Magomnang, Sultan of Maribo (see above, Head of the Dynasty)