Koror, Palau

BRIEF HISTORY (adapted from Palau http://emuseum.mnsu.edu/cultural/oldworld/pacific/palau.html): The premier chiefdom in the capital city of Palau on the Koror island. The most remarkable early foreign contact took place in 1783 when the vessel Antelope, under the command of an English captain, Henry Wilson, was shipwrecked on a reef near Ulond, a rock island located near Koror and Peleliu. With the assistance of the Koror’s High Chief Ibedul, Wilson and his men stayed for three months to rebuild the ship. When Captain Wilson left to return to England, he took Ibedul’s son, Lebuu along so that he might go to school. Unfortunately, Lebuu died from smallpox in his new country. So the English arranged a return voyage carrying news of the death along with gifts for Chief Ibedul. From that time forward, many foreign explorers sailed through Palauan waters, and the islands were exposed to more and more European contact. The history of Koror is therefore the same as the history of Palau, Spanish from 1885 until 1899 when Spain sold the Carolines (including Palau) to Germany. After WWI, the League of Nations gave Palau to Japan with Koror becoming the center of all Japanese possessions in the South Pacific. After WWII, Palau became one of the 6 groups of islands of the UN Trust Territory until Palau became an independent republic on 1/10/1994. The chiefdom belongs to the 16-seat House of Delegates or Council of Chiefs, a consultative branch of the legislative power of the Republic of Palau. The area of the State and island of Koror is 37 sq.miles and the population 8,000. Spelled sometime Oreor.

SOURCE: Ian C. Campbell & Jean-Paul Latouche, Les insulaires du Pacifique, Histoire et situation politique, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris 2001

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Head of the Family:
The High Chief (Ibedul) of Koror
(Koror, Palau 96940)

HEAD OF THE FAMILY: Yutaka Gibbons, High Chief (Ibedul) of Koror since 1972, under the regency of Gloria G. Salii 1972-1974


Ngiraidid Chorot Mlad er a Burek 1783-1792

Kingsos 1792-....


Meang Merikl Meringel a Kemedil

Ngirachosarech Mlad er a Soldau ....-1867, +1867

Meresou 1867-1872

Ngirchokebai 1872-....


Tem ....-29/1/1939

Ngiraked 1939-....

, High Chief (Ibedul) of Koror ....-9/1972, +9/1972, X ...., dec O. Sacred Treasure (Zuiho Sho) 4th cl (Japan) 30/9/1972

Yutaka Gibbons, High Chief (Ibedul) of Koror since 1972 (see above, Head of the Family)