TaEbenu, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Timor (Timor Loro Manu) that ruled Amfoan (then named Sorbian) in the 16th and early 17th centuries, the chiefs originally titled Siko (executive regent) of Amfoan-Sorbian. In the 1640s, the King of TaEbenu resided in Amarasi when Sorbian (today TaEbenu) was conquered by Sonbai, defeated by the Portuguese in 1658. The King of TaEbenu stayed in Amarasi while the Portuguese ruled effectively Sorbian (today TaEbenu). In 1688 the Taebenu group was split in two, one of which migrated to Kupang and settled in the neighbourhood as loyal allies of the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC, the Dutch East India Company). In 1917 the princedom lapsed when the Dutch brought Kupang, Sonba'i Kecil, Amabi, Taebenu and Funai together in the larger zelfbesturend landschap Kupang.  

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UPDATED: 5/5/2008

Fetor, Fettor: administrator
Kepala Dessa, Kepala Desa: village chief
Usif Pah: Lord Ruler

Head of the
Dynasty: The Raja (Usif Pah) of TaEbenu

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: Don Daud Tanof since 1986

Son and descendants of Raja Enus Kobe:
1 Sanu Enus. Father of:
1.1 Nope Sanu Welhelmina, X Ufa Tuan. Parents of:
1.1.1 Don Corinus Tanof, Raja and Fettor of TaEbenu ....-28/6/1986 (see below, Predecessors)

Raja .... early 17th century. Grandfather of:

c1673-c1688, traveled to the Portuguese c1673 and c1686, +1688 or 1689. Father of 2 sons, the youngest becoming:

The Young King c1688-...., left Sorbian (today TaEbenu) to Kupang c1688, in competition with:

Taynoffa or Tanof I (Taynof), also named Ama Taebenu, Regent 1688-1700, left Sorbian (today TaEbenu) to Kupang 1700, +1700. Brother of Raja Taebenu and father of:

Manaffo c1688-after 1693, went to Amarasi with half of the TaEbenu people c1688, X a relative of the Raja of Amarasi. Brother of:

Ama Taebenu 1700-after 1709 and before 1737, °c1677, +after 1709 and before 1737, in competition with:

Tanof II 1700-24/10/1737, +24/10/1737, X Bi Naiso Humau. Son of Raja Lasi Lelo and father of:

Tus Tanof 1737-1768, +1768. Father of:

Tanof III 1768-....

Marcus Kobe Tanof c1756-1803, X 1 Bi Lot Amabi, X 2 Bi Kiki Amabi. Son of Tanof II and father of:

Enus Kobe, c1832, X Bi Leet Nainupu. Brother of:

Salolo Kobe ?-1841, +1841, X Bi Nobe Amabi

Kobe Tus 1841-1850, +1850, X Bi Nobe Amani. Son of Tus Kobe (son of Marcus Kobe Tanof)

Hanoch Tanof I (Nobe Salolo) 1850-18/9/1873, +18/9/1873, X Bi Meni Amtaran. Son of Salolo Kobe and  father of:

Hanoch Tanof II (Nai Hone), Raja (Usif Pah) of TaEbenu 1874-1895, killed one of his brothers c1862, X 1 Bi Tafin Amtaran, X 2 Suzanna Tanlian. Father of:

Jacob Tanof 1896-1901, X Bi Beta Talan. Brother of:

Don Daud Hanoch Obed Tanof, Fettor of TaEbenu 1901-1917, 1st Raja of Kupang 1917-20/5/1918, +20/5/1918, X 1 Bi Mano Nisnoni, X 2 Sarah Karolina Koroh


Don Corinus Tanof, Raja and Fettor of TaEbenu ....-28/6/1986, Kepala Dessa (village chief) of TaEbenu, +28/6/1986. Son of Ufa Tuan by Nope Sanu Welhelmina and elder brother of:

Don Daud Tanof since 1986 (see above, Head of the Dynasty)