Sumbawa, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A 4,584 km² 80,000-people state on the island of Sumbawa founded c1650. The state was restored in 1837 after the 1815 eruption of Tambora. The state had vassal states on Sumbawa islands: Taliwang, Jarewea (or Tjereweh) and Serang. The state was suppressed by the Dutch in 1908. Royalty was restored in 1937. The area is divided into 19 Kecamatan (sub-districts) with traditional councils. Also named Sumbawa Besar.

SOURCE: A.M.H.J. Stokvis, Manuel d’histoire, de généalogie et de chronologie de tous les Etats du globe..., Boekhandel & Antiquariaat B.M. Israël, Leiden 1888-1893, 1966

Warisan Pusaka Bangsa

THANKS TO: John Duncan McMeekin (26/11/1999)
Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka", Vlaardingen, The Netherlands (15/6/2002, 26/3/2003, 25/6/2004, 10/2/2006, 1/4/2007)

UPDATED: 25/10/2009

: literally regent, elected civil administrator of a Kapubaten (regency, the administrative division below the province)
Daeng: Prince, Princess
Datu: Sovereign
Datu Raja Muda: Crown Prince
Mas: nobility title
Pemangku Adat: traditional head

SUCCESSION: male primogeniture or simple primogeniture if there are no sons

Dynasty Head (when installed)
: The Sultan of Sumbawa
(Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia)

DYNASTY HEAD: Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman bin Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin or Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman Raja Dewa, installed as Pemangku Adat 2001, born with the title of Datu Raja Dewa, not yet installed, with Bank Mandiri, sometime with Bank Bumi Daya, educ Christelijke Lagere School at Makassar (today Ujung Pandang), X a noble lady from Pangkajene in the Southwestern Celebes whose mother was from the royal family of Wajo (Jakarta, Indonesia)

DAUGHTER (among several):
1 (oldest) Daeng Madya Indrana Hanoum, °1972. Mother of:
1.1 Nadine Kemala Sari, °1997

Goa ....-1676

Mas Bantam 1676-....

Datu Loka

Amas Madina ....-1724

Jelal ad Din Datu Taliwang 1725-1734

Muhammad Kaharuddin I Mapadusu 1734-1759

Karaeng Bontowa 1759-1762

Hasan ad Din 1762-1763

Muhammad Jalaluddin I Datu Taliwang 1763-1765, 1765-1766

Aka ad Din Datu Jarewe 1765

Mustafa Mapajonga 1766-1780

Kafiyat ar Rashid Datu Bodi 1780-1791

Kaharuddin (II) Syah Muhammad, Sultan of Sumbawa 1796-1816

Interregnum 1816-1820 or 1837

Lulo Murso, Sultan of Sumbawa 1820 or 1837-1843, crowned 1837

Amarullah, Sultan of Sumbawa 1843-1883

Muhammad Jalaluddin II 1883-1931

Muhammad Kaharuddin III, Sultan of Sumbawa 1931-1958/1959, Kepala Dearah (district chief) of Sumbawa 22/1/1959-8/3/1960, Pres of Negara Indonesia Timur (Parliament of Timur) ....-1950, °c1876, +1965 or 1975, X Daeng Ante, +c1996/1997, sister of Muhammad Salahuddin, Sultan of Bima. Parents of:

Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman bin Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin or Daeng Muhammad Abdurrahman Raja Dewa, installed as Pemangku Adat 2001 (see above, Dynasty Head)