Soya, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A dynasty descended from the Mojopahit Kings of Java. Three brothers founded the Kingdoms of Soya, at the top of the mountain Sirimau, of Nusaniwe and of Kilang, all in the Leitimur southern peninsula of Ambon. Soya signed a treaty with the Dutch in 1605 that gave trade monopoly to the Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie or VOC (Dutch East India Company). Soya was occupied by the British 2 times, the 2nd time between 1807 and 25/3/1817. One of the 34 states of Ambon in the South Moluccas (Maluku Selatan). Also known as the Kingdom of Sirimau.

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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms (29/1/2002)

UPDATED: 25/12/2007

DYNASTY: Pesulima (Rahatta branch)

Head of the Dynasty
: The Raja of Soya

SUCCESSION: to the son of the brother of the Raja

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: Ruben Rehatta, Raja of Soya since 1994

Sons and descendants of 1st Radja ....:
1 Peseolima or Pesulima, 2nd Raja of Soya (see below, Predecessors)

2 Huwaa. Author of the Huwae family

3 Rehatta, 3rd Raja of Soya (see below, Predecessors)

4 .....

5 .....

6 .....

7 Latuconsina, surnamed da Silva by the Portuguese, ruler of Honipopu, the sea port of the Kingdom of Soya, negociated with the Portuguese in Ambon 1512. Grandfather of:
7.1.1 Duarta da Silva

...., 1st Radja of Soya. Father of 7sons and several daughters, the eldest son being:

Peseolima or Pesulima, 2nd Raja of Soya

Rehatta, 3rd Raja of Soya, as declared by the Dutch (see below, Predecessors)


Duarta da Silva, previously named Lessidi, Raja of Soya, bp 1617

Eduard da Silva, Raja of Soya c1618


Thomas da Silva, Raja of Soya 24/12/1634-1664, +1664

Lorenšo da Silva, Raja of Soya 1664-....

Eduard da Silva, Raja of Soya 1672-....

Bernardus da Silva, Raja of Soya 1686-....

Canulandus, Raja of Soya 1688-....

Elias da Silva, Raja of Soya, +26/7/1747


Juan da Silva, Raja of Soya c1836


Stephanus Rehatta, Raja of Soya c1882

Habel Rehatta, Raja of Soya

Leonard L. Rehatta, Raja of Soya 1911-deposed 1943, +1945. Brother of:

Samuel Rehatta, Raja of Soya 1943-1960, +1976. Uncle of:

Cornelis Rehatta, Raja of Soya 1960-....

RenÚ Rehatta, Raja of Soya 1976-...., ░1925. Son of Raja Samuel Rehatta

Ruben Rehatta, Raja of Soya since 1994 (see above, Head of the Dynasty). Son of a sister of Raja Cornelis Rehatta