Palembang, Indonesia

: A state in southeastern Sumatra, founded either by Aryo Damar, son of the last Mojopahit emperor, or by Kiai Geding Surah, from Java. The sultanate was annexed by the Dutch on 18/8/1823 and abolished in July 1825. An attempt to restore the sultanate took place in 1881 and a new Sultan was installed on 4/3/2003. Capital city is Palembang.

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THANKS TO: John Duncan McMeekin (26/11/1999)
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UPDATED: 25/10/2009

Dynasty Head
: The Sultan of Palembang Darussalam
(Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia)

Bupati: literally regent, elected civil administrator of a Kapubaten (regency, the administrative division below the province)
: Chief
Mas: nobility title under Raden
Pangeran: Sovereign Prince, Prince
Prabu: Lord
Raden: Prince
Raden Ayu: Princess
Raden Nayu: female nobility title
Susuhunan: address to a king

DYNASTY HEAD: Mahmud Badaruddin III Prabu Diradja bin Raden Haji Abdul Hamid Prabu Diratjah IV, Sultan of Palembang Darussalam, installed at Lawang Kidul Mosque at Palembang on 4/3/2003, SH, formerly named Kombes Pol Drs Raden Muhammad Siafei Prabu Diradja, representative of the Dynasty in the Palace of HE The President of Indonesia 29/11/2008, mbr of the local government of Sumatra Selatan (South Sumatra), °Palembang 28/1/1950, X Raden Hajah Dewi Muslihat 

RIVAL SULTAN: Iskandar Mahmud Badaruddin, installed 10/2006, originally named Ir Haji Raden Mas Mahmud Badaruddin. Descendant of Pangeran Proboyo, son of Sultan Mohammed Mansur

1 (daughter) Raden Ayu Ratih Rania Kerama Diradja

2 (daughter) Raden Ayu Ratna Mutia

3 (son) Raden Muhammad Fauwaz Diradja, Pangeran Ratu Jaya Wikrama (Crown Prince ?), X 28/12/2007 Masayu Fatemah binti Nasir Halim, educ law at Univ of Sriwijaya in Palembang

4 Raden Ayu Ulya Diradja, +young

Sons and descendants of Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin II:
1 Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin III 1821-resigned 18/8/1823 (see below, Predecessors)

2 Pangeran Prabu Diratjah Haji Abdullah. Father of:
2.1 Pangeran Bupati Hamzah
2.2 Pangeran Prabu Wikrama Abdurrahman
2.3 Pangeran Prabu Kesumo Abdul Hamid
2.4 Pangeran Prabu Nandito Muhammad
2.5 Pangeran Prabu Dilaga Muchsin
2.6 Pangeran Prabu Menggalo Umar
2.7 Pangeran Prabu Dikara Muhammad Yasin
2.8 Pangeran Prabu Diwongso Muh Zen
2.9 Pangeran Nato Menggalo Alwi
2.10 Pangeran Suryo Dilaha Thoh
2.11 Pangeran Kesumo Muh Syeh,
2.12 Pangeran K. Menggalo Mahdor
2.13 Pangeran Suto Wijaya Usman
2.14 Pangeran S.W. Akil
2.15 Pangeran S. Diradjah Abubakar
2.16 Pangeran Kesumo Diratdjah Muhammad Safin
2.17 Pangeran K. Dimkiah Muhammad Hanan
2.18 Pangeran Putro Dinato Ali
2.19 Raden Nayu Fatimah Purbayo Abdul Rohim
2.20 Raden Nayu Halimah Kerama Nato
2.21 Raden Nayu Azimah Sayid Assegaf
2.22 Raden Nayu Khotimah Kerama Jaya
2.23 Raden Nayu Salimah Kerama Deratdjah
2.24 Raden Haji Abdul Habib Prabu Diratjah. Father of:
2.24.1 Raden Haji Sharif Prabu Diratjah. Father of: Raden Haji Abdul Hamid Prabu Diratjah. Father of: Mahmud Badaruddin III, Sultan of Palembang Darussalam (see above, Dynasty Head)

Kiai Geding Surah 1539-1566. Father of:

Kemas Dipati 1566-1578. Brother of:

Pangeran Mading Tsakah 1578-1608. Brother of:

Pangeran Madjalit 1608-1609. Brother of:

Pangeran Seding Purah 1609-1616

Pangeran Seding Kenayan 1616-1628. Son of Kemas Dipati

Pangeran Seding Pasarean 1628-1629. Son of Geding Pembayun (son of Kiai Geding Surah) by Mantjo Negoro and father of:

Pangeran Seding Radjak 1629-1637. Brother of:

Pangeran then Susuhunan (1662) Abderrahman 1637-1682. Father of:

Sultan Mohammed Mansur 1682-1696. Brother of:

Sultan Kamar ed Din 1696-1707

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I known as Kawah Tengkureb 1707-1743. Son of Sultan Mohammed Mansur and father of:

Susuhunan Ahmed Najamuddin I 1743-1769. Father of:

Sultan Mohammed Beha ed Din 1769-1798. Father of:

Susuhunan or Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin or Bahaluddin II 1804-1812, 1813 and 1818-deposed 3/7/1821, also known as Sunan Tuno and locally as Susuhunan Ratu Mahmud Badaruddin, born Raden Hasan Pangeran Ratu, +(in exile) Ternate 22 or 26/11/1852, X (among 9 wives) 1 (main wife) Ratu Sepu Raden Ayu Usma, 2 (sub-wife) Mas Ayu Ratu Ulu. Elder brother of:

Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin II 1812-1813 and 1813-deposed 1818, also known as Susuhunan Husin Diadin, Sultan Mudo, born a Pangeran Ratu (?), exiled in Batavia (today Jakarta) and titled Susuhunan, +Batavia (today Jakarta) 1825. Father of:

Sultan Ahmad Najamuddin III 1821-resigned 18/8/1823, installed 4/1821, born Prabu Anom, signed on 18/8/1823 a contract with the Dutch where he gave away his powers against an allowance then attacked the Dutch on 22-24/11/1824 unsuccessfully, exiled and emprisoned to Banka 7/1825 when the Sultanate was abolished

Interregnum 1825-2003

Mahmud Badaruddin III Prabu Diradja bin Raden Haji Abdul Hamid Prabu Diratjah IV, Sultan of Palembang Darussalam, installed on 4/3/2003 (see above, Dynasty Head). Descendant of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II by Mas Ayu Ratu Ulu