Noimuti, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Timor (Timor Loro Manu), in a Portuguese enclave south of Oecussi Ambeno. On 7/8/1916, Noimuti became part of Dutch Timor and was attached on 25/4/1917 to the larger principality of Miomaffo. Also spelled NoEmuti, Noemuti or Noimutti and in the old times Naymoety.

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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms (1/9/2002, 4/12/2002, 14/10/2005, 4/3/2007)

UPDATED: 3/5/2008

DYNASTY: da Costa (of Oecussi Ambeno)

Head of the Dynasty
: The Raja (Usif Pah) of Noimuti

Fetor, Fettor: Administrator of a large political area
Usif Pah: Lord Ruler

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: Don Antonius (Antonio) Willibrordus da Costa, (nominal) Raja of Noimuti, 8/10/1929

CROWN PRINCE: Raja Muda Don Francisco da Costa, Ir, fmly in the Indonesian army

Raja Don Matheus da Costa, was given the Tongkat (symbol of authority) by Portugal before 1900, abdicated. Brother of Don Domingos III da Costa, Liurai (Raja) of Oecussi Ambeno

Raja Don Dominggus IV da Costa 1890s-abdicated 1915, abdicated as active ruler when the area became really part of Dutch Timor and remained as church leader. Father of:

Raja Don Matheus V da Costa, ruled as Fetor 1940-abdicated c1953, head of the dynasty before 1940, during Japanese occupation he was given control over larger area to govern (not as Raja). Brother of:

Raja Don Michael da Costa c1953-19..

Raja Don Antonius (Antonio) Willibrordus da Costa, (nominal 5th) Raja of Noimuti, 8/10/1929 (see above, Head of the Dynasty). Son of Don Matheus V da Costa

FETTORS (effective rulers 1915-1940):
Koko Salem, Vice-Raja, replaced Raja Don Dominggus IV da Costa after 1915-abdicated

Gaspar Salem, deposed c1940

Raja Don Matheus V da Costa, ruled as Fettor 1940-abdicated c1953 (see above,Predecessors)

Yosef Nano Salem c2007