Mollo, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Timor (Timor Loro Manu), formed from the states of Netpala, Nunbena and Besiana.

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UPDATED: 25/10/2009

Bupati: literally regent, elected civil administrator of a Kapubaten (regency, the administrative division below the province)
Camat: subdistrict chief
Fettor, Fetor: administrator
Usif Pah: Lord Ruler

Dynasty Head
: The Raja (Usif Pah) of Mollo
(The Palace, Ajaubaki, Timor Loro Manu, Indonesia)

DYNASTY HEAD: Edison (Gerson) Richard Ferdinand OEmatan, Raja (Usif Pah) of Mollo, installed 12/8/2001, °15/5/1950, X Ronni Wilhelmina (Mience) Nokas, titled Ratu Ronni M. Nokus, °17/5/1953, a noble lady from NoE Bana, south Amanatun, West Timor

1 Pcess Sonja Maulinda OEmatan, °29/7/1975

2 Pcess Jenny OEmatan, °9/5/1978

3 Raja Muda Donald Ernest Tbelto OEmatan, Crown Prince, °3/7/1980

4 Pce Leopold Antoni Tunbesi OEmatan, °26/4/1983

5 Pcess Adeleida Chirley OEmatan, °22/2/1986

6 Pce Willem Cornelis Hendrik OEmatan, °19/8/1989

1 (by Pcess Maria Manubulu) Pce George OEmatan

2 (by Margaretha Tefnai) Pcess Erna OEmatan

3 (by Margaretha Tefnai) Pce Tophilus OEmatan

4 (by Margaretha Tefnai) Pce Daud OEmatan

5 (by Margaretha Tefnai) Pce Tophilus OEmatan

6 (by Margaretha Tefnai) Pce Elizabeth (Lies) OEmatan

Children and descendants of Raja Nai Tua Sonbai:
see Sonbai Besar

Children of Raja Willem Frederik OEmatan:
1 Theodorus Frederik Hendrik OEmatan

2 Semuel (Sam or Sem) Soleman Hendrik OEmatan, Raja (Usif Pah) of Mollo (see below, Predecessors)

3 Willem Cornelis Hendrik (Wim) OEmatan, maybe nominal Fettor of North Mollo after 1959, °4/4/1922, +

To be related:
1 John OEmatan


Fettor Tho Thokolle OEmatan, alias To Lukemtasi OEmatan or Lukemtaasi OEmatan, Raja of Mollo, convinced the Dutch that he was the adopted son of the previous ruler, although in fact the son of his sister, °c1840, +1912


Willem Frederik OEmatan, Raja (Usif Pah) of Mollo 1915-1930, +1937, X Louise Manubulu, daughter of Soleman Izak Manubulu, Manek of Korbafo

Nai Tua Sonbai, Raja of Mollo 4/8/1933-1959, +12/4/1959, X 1 Bi Sani Helli, 2 Bi Sani Behael, 3 Bi Sobe Anin, 4 Bi Sulat Anin, 5
Bi Neno Banfatin, 6 Bi Seo Oematan, 7 Bi Tale'u Otemusu, 8 Bi Sobe Pantola, 9 Bi Kau Otemusu, 10 Bi Bait Behael, 11 Bi Lies Bessie, 12 Bi Paulina Sanam. Son of Tua Sonba'i (son of Alphonsus Adrianus, Raja of Sonbai Besar)

Vacancy 1959-1962

Semuel (Sam or Sem) Soleman Hendrik OEmatan, Raja (Usif Pah) of Mollo 1962?-5/9/1995, also Camat of North Mollo, Fettor of Besiana (Bes Ana), °23/10/1921, +5/9/1995, X 1 Pcess Maria Manubulu of Korbafo, 2 (official wife) Margaretha Tefnai, °14/6/1931, +25/7/1988. Son of Raja Willem Frederik OEmatan and father (2nd son by Margaretha Tefnai) of:

Edison (Gerson) Richard Ferdinand OEmatan, Raja (Usif Pah) of Mollo, installed 14/1/2001 (see above, Dynasty Head)