Miomaffo, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Timor (Timor Loro Manu). Named Amakono before 1902. The State of Noimuti was attached in the 20th century to Miomaffo.

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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl (1/9/2002, 30/11/2003)

UPDATED: 4/5/2008

Fetor, Fettor: administrator
Kornel: Colonel
Usif Pah: Lord Ruler

Head of the Dynasty
: The Raja (Usif Pah) of Miomaffo

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: Alfons Kono, Raja (Usif Pah) of Miomaffo since 1986, Pres of the Reformis party, one of the 4 political parties in Middle North Timor (Timor Tengah Utara), educ Java, X Elizabeth, titled Ratu Elizabeth K., a Dutch lady born in a regent dynasty of East Java


Raja/Usif Oinunu Kono II 1902-1920, titled Fettor then Kornel, °1897, +1920

Regency 1902-1917: Usif Sane Laka of Nilulet, Raja Bait Fail of Leó Nai, Temukung Nai Bifail of Suti and Raja Afuan Thaal of Aplal


Alfons Kono, Raja (Usif Pah) of Miomaffo since 1986 (see above, Head of the Dynasty)