Landak, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Borneo (Kalimantan Barat) that became independent in 1478 after the fall of the Mojopahit empire. The Panembahan dignity was revived on 24/1/2000.

SOURCES: A.M.H.J. Stokvis, Manuel d’histoire, de généalogie et de chronologie de tous les Etats du globe..., Boekhandel & Antiquariaat B.M. Israël, Leiden 1888-1893, 1966

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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms (17/11/2002, 3/4/2003, 1/10/2006, 15/11/2007)

UPDATED: 25/10/2009

Adi: Supreme
Bupati: literally regent, elected civil administrator of a Kapubaten (regency, the administrative division below the province)
Gusti: Lord
Kraton: Palace, Royal Court
Ningrat: Noble
Panembahan: ruler's title
Pangeran: Prince (ruling)
Putra, Putri: Prince, Princess (son, daughter of a ruler)
Ratu: literally, King
Wakil Bupati: district chief

Head: The Panembahan of Landak
(Kraton Ismahayana, Landak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia)

DYNASTY HEAD: Pangeran Ratu Drs Gusti Suryansyah, Panembahan of Landak, installed 24/1/2000 with the title of Pangeran Ratu, Wakil Bupati (district chief of) Landak 2006, Dean at the Univ of Tanjungpura, MSi, X Siti Hassanah, daughter of the Gov of Sarawak in Malaysia, a descendant of the Tuans or Tuhans Kubu and Ambawang, of the Al Idrus dynasty

Pulang Pale I

Pulang Pale II

Pulang Pale III

Pulang Pale IV

Pulang Pale V

Pulang Pale VI

Pulang Pale VII


Abdul Kahar (Abd el Kahir) Ismahayana gelar Raja Dipati Karang Tanjang Tua, founder of Landak city. Father of:

Pangeran Agung Tuwa, also known as Pangeran Bupati/Dipati Kesuma Sari. Father of:

Pangeran Agong Muda

Panembahan Giri Kusumo ....-1607, also known as Sultan Husin Kawiuddin, Sultan of Sukadana 1590-1607/1608, X c1600

Ratu Bunku 1607-...., also regent of Sukadana 1608-deposed 1622 under the name of Putri Bunku, exiled to Java. Daughter of Ratu Prabu (of Landak)

Pangeran Secanata Tuwa (Setjo Noto) c1699

Pangeran Setjo Noto Muda


Panembahan Kusumo Adi Ningrat ....-1844

Panembahan Mahmud Akham ed Din 1844-1847

Interregnum 1847-1849

Panembahan Ratu Adi Kusumo 1849-1874

Pangeran Mangku Bumi 1875-1881

Panembahan Kusumo Adi Ningrat 1881-1882

Panembahan Abdul Adjid Han 1882-27/9/1900, +27/9/1900

Panembahan Gusti Abdul Havid 1/10/1900-.... Father of:

Panembahan Gusti Amiruddin ....-1944, °1935, +(beheaded by the Japanese) 1944

Gusti Affendi, Regent 25/3/1946-deposed 22/10/1946 as an anti-Dutch militant. Son of Panembahan Abdul Adjid Han

Ruling by a non dynastic council chaired by Urai Johan

Pangeran Ratu Drs Gusti Suryansyah, Panembahan of Landak, installed 24/1/2000 (see above, Dynasty Head). Son of Panembahan Gusti Amiruddin