Klungkung, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A premier state born in 1352 after the fall of the Mojopahit empire, after Dewa Agung Ketut, ruler of Bali and Lombok divided his kingdom into several states among 9 of his chiefs among whom Aryo Damar and Gadjah Modo: Klungkung (to the descendants of Dewa Agung Ketut), Bangli (to the descendants of Dewa Agung Ketut), Badung (to the descendants of Aryo Damar), Tabanan (to the descendants of Aryo Damar), Karangasem (to the descendants of Gadjah Modo), Mangwi (to the descendants of Gadjah Modo), Buleleng (to the descendants of Gadjah Modo), Lombok (to the descendants of Gadjah Modo) and Gianyar (to the descendants of Gadjah Modo). The state of Bali and Lombok was recognized by the Dutch between 1849 and 1904 as ruled by the Susuhunan (sultan or king) of Bali and Lombok. The style of Susuhunan of Klungkung was confirmed by the Dutch between 1904 and 1906. In 1908, the state was suppressed by the Dutch. Royalty was restored in 1929. Also spelled incorrectly Kalungkung.

SOURCE: A.M.H.J. Stokvis, Manuel d’histoire, de généalogie et de chronologie de tous les Etats du globe..., Boekhandel & Antiquariaat B.M. Israël, Leiden 1888-1893, 1966

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Cokorda, Tjokorda: Raja
Dewa Agung: literally Godly Supreme, title of the ruler of Klungkung
Gde, Gede: Great
Ketua Puri Agung: head of the palace

Head of the Dynasty
: The Dewa Agung (Raja) of Klungkung
(Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia)

Son of Dewa Agung Oka Geg (among several sons):
1 Prof. Dr Tjokorda (Tjok) Rai, Prof (retired) at Udayana State Univ in Denpasar

To be related:
1 Drs Dewa Agung Cokorda Gede Agung SP, MLA (DPRD) Klungkung


Dewa Agung Putra I, Sultan (Susuhunan) of Bali and Lombok 17..-1809. Father of:

Dewa Agung
Putra II, Sultan (Susuhunan) of Bali and Lombok 1815-1851. Adoptive father of:

Dewa Agung Gede
Putra III Sakti, Sultan (Susuhunan) of Bali and Lombok 1851-1903

Dewa Agung
Jambe II, Sultan (Susuhunan) of Klungkung 1903-1908

Dewa Agung Oka Geg, Dewa Agung of Klungkung 25/7/1929-1950, °c1896, +1964, X 40 wives. Father of 100 children

Dewa Agung Dalem Pemayun, Dewa Agung of Klungkung ....-c2/1998, +c2/1998