Insana, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Timor (Timor Loro Manu), with a charismatic ruler co-ruling with a subruler of the TaOlin dynasty, recognized as Raja in 1913.

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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka", Vlaardingen, The Netherlands (24/12/2002, 3/6/2003, 24/6/2004, 23/5/2006)
Dr Hans Hägerdal (13/10/2008)

UPDATED: 8/3/2009


RELIGION: Roman Catholic

Koko: literally, Elder Brother
Usif Pah: Lord Ruler

Head of the Dynasty
: The Raja (Usif Pah) of Insana (since 1913)
(Sonaf Lanesu or Lanesu Palace, OElolok, Timor Loro Manu, Indonesia)

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: Drs Theodorus (Ulis) Lorenzo Arnoldus TaOlin, Raja (Usif Pah) of Insana since 1991, Pres of the Traditional Council of Rulers of Timor (Dewan Usif/Liurai/Amaf/Fukun se-Timor), Vice Pres of the Legislative Assembly and MLA (DPRD) of Timor Tengah Utara (Middle North Timor), Camat (subdistrict ruler) of Insana ....-1991, X Maritje Margaretha Uly, a Protestant lady from Savu

SON: Raja Muda Don Gaspar Taolin

1 Louis TaOlin

2 Eddy TaOlin, Camat (subdistrict ruler) of Insana 1991-....

3 Wilhelmina TaOlin, X Messakh Amalo, Mayor of Kupang


Tana Mende c1761

Taku c1765

Malafu Neno (first name in the traditional pedigree). Father of:

Malafu Pa

Koko TaOlin 1870-1902 or Malafu 1880-1901. Probably same as Malafu Tasaeb (son of Malafu Pa)

Koko Nila TaOlin 1902-1913 or 1917 or Usi Nila (Nila Ela Taiboko) 1902-1914, recognized as Raja 1913. Of another lineage

Raja (Usif Pah) Kahalasi TaOlin 1915-1934 or 1913-1933, deposed. Of another lineage

Raja (Usif Pah) Tasaeb Malafu 1934-1936. Great-grandson of Malafu Tasaeb and father of:

Raja (Usif Pah) Afu Tasaeb 1936-1938

Raja (Usif Pah) Dominicus TaOlin 1938-deposed 1940, +1974. Son of Raja (Usif Pah) Kahalasi TaOlin

Raja (Usif Pah) Petrus Atolan Tasaeb 1940-1942, +1989. Son of Atolan Tasaeb (son of Raja or Usif Pah Tasaeb Malafu)

Raja (Usif Pah) Lorencius Arnoldus Nobis TaOlin 1942-1962, Camat (subdistrict ruler) of Insana 1960s, °1914, +1991, X 1 ...., 2 ...., +11/6/2003, from the Gah family in Savu. Brother of Raja (Usif Pah) Dominicus TaOlin and father (by 2nd wife) of:

Drs Theodorus (Ulis) Arnoldus TaOlin, Raja (Usif Pah) of Insana since 1991 (see above, Head of the Dynasty)