Faan, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in Kei Kecil island (Dutch: Klein Kei, English: Little Kei), in the Kei islands in the Moluccas. The state represents 9 villages.

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl (30/4/2002, 15/11/2004)

UPDATED: 28/11/2004

DYNASTY: from Bali

Rat: Raja

Head of the Family
: The Rat or Raja of Faan

HEAD OF THE FAMILY: Patris Renwarin, Rat or Raja of Faan since 4/2002, °before 1940

Bal Bal Renwarin. Settled in Faan from Bali with his brother Ratli, author of the dynasty of the Radjas of Kei Fer. Father of:

Bal Renwarin, 1st Rat (Raja)

Jaran Renwarin, 2nd Rat (Raja)

Avrat Renwarin, 3rd Rat (Raja)

Suwot Renwarin, 4th Rat (Raja)

Mek Renwarin, 5th Rat (Raja)

Wuwot Renwarin, 6th Rat (Raja)

Larit Renwarin, 7th Rat (Raja)

Kos (Cos) Renwarin, 8th Rat (Raja) c1890, converted to the Catholic religion as Ludovicus 17/8/1890

Thaddeus Renwarin, 9th Rat or Raja of Faan ....-4/2002, +4/2002

Patris Renwarin, 10th Rat or Raja of Faan since 4/2002 (see above, Head of the Family)