Dehla, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: One of the 19 states on the island group of Roti, southwest of Timor. Dehla seceded from OEnale and was founded c1800. The Maneks are the former Fettors (Vice Rajas) of OEnale. The state represented 1,951 people in 1961. The sovereignty was altered in 1970.

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka", Vlaardingen, The Netherlands (22/6/2004, 14/8/2004)

UPDATED: 16/8/2004

DYNASTY: descended from Ndun Haning

Head of the Family
: The Manek of Dehla
(Roti, Indonesia)

HEAD OF THE FAMILY: Nehemia Ndoen (Ndun) c2000


Raja Dahong Anie (or Ndun Haning?) c1831. Ndun Haning being a descendant of Raja Mboro Mesa of OEnale


Jeremias Ndoen (Ndun) 1844-1885

Jeremias Daniel Ndoen (Ndun) 1885-exiled 14/1/1922-deposed 26/10/1922

Jeremias Mbere Ndoen (Ndun) alias Iolu Yeremias Ndoen (Ndun) 1922-deposed and exiled 30/8/1931

P. Ndoen (Ndun), temporary ruler 1931-resigned 1933

Alexander Paulus Tungga, temporary ruler 1933-1935, Manek of Dengka 1906-17/5/1944, 27/6/1885, +17/5/1944

Abner Ndoen (Ndun) 1935-2/10/1972, 5/2/1902, +2/10/1972. Son of Iolu Yeremias Ndun

Nehemia Ndoen (Ndun) c2000 (see above, Head of the Family)