Banten, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: Founded in the early 16th century on the collapse of the Majapahit Empire by the son of the King-Priester of Cirebon, the Sultanate of Banten, in western Java, became powerful and
controlled parts of Sumatra and Borneo. Brought under the suzerainty of the Dutch East India Company in 1682, it was annexed to the Netherlands East Indies in 1832. The sultans descend from Holy Prophet
Muhammad. The sultanate was revived in 1985. Today the 8,235 km2 Administrative Division of Banten. Also spelled Bantam.


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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka", Vlaardingen, The Netherlands (2/10/2002, 4/5/2003, 4/1/2004, 28/3/2010)

UPDATED: 5/4/2010


Agung: Supreme
Maulana: Master (in religion)
Pangeran: Prince
Ratu: King, Queen
Sunan, Susuhunan: address to a king
Tubagus: Prince

Dynasty Head
: HH The Sultan of Banten
(Serang, Java, Indonesia)

DYNASTY HEAD: HH Drs. Tubagus M. Ismetullah Al Abbas, since 1985, Sultan Muda since 8/2003, °6/3/1960, has still to be recognized by the royals and traditional chiefs of Banten

Sunan Gunong Jati Nur ud Din Ibrahim, King-Priester of Cirebon. Father of:

Pangeran Maulana Hassanuddin Susuhunan Sabakingking c1552-1570. Father of:

Pangeran Maulana Yusuf Pasaran 1570-1580. Father of:

Pangeran Maulana Muhammad Sedo Ning Rana 1580-1596. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Mofakhir I Muhammad Abdul Qadir Magmudi Agung 1596-1643. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Mauli I Ahmad Rahmat Allah 1643-1651. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Fath I Agung Tirtayasa 1651-1680 or 1682. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Nasr I Abdul Qahhar Hajji 1680 or 1682-1687. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Fahdl I Muhammad Yahya 1687-1690. Brother of:

Sultan Abdul Mahasin Muhammad Zein el Abidin 1690-1733. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Fath II Muhammad Safei Zein el Arifin 1733-1748/1749, +1749. Husband of:

Ratu Sharifa Fatimah 1748-1750

Sultan Abdul Maali II Muhammad Wasi el Halimin 1750-1753, +1760. Son of Sultan Fath II and father of:

Sultan Abdul Nasr II Muhammad Arif Zein el Ashekin 1753-1777. Father of:

Sultan Abdul Mofakhir II Muhammad I Aliuddin I (Gomok) 1777/1780-1802/1804, °1752. Brother of:

Sultan Abdul Fath III Muhammad Muhyuddin Zein es Tsalehin 1802/1804-1805, +(killed)

Sultan Abdul Nazar III Muhammad Isyak Zainal Mustakin 1804/1805-deposed 1808, deported and exiled to Ambon and Batavia (today Jakarta), declared insane 1839-1839, °1777, +Surabaya 15/8/1842.
Illegitimate son of Sultan Mofakhir II and brother of:

Sultan Abdul Mofakhir III Muhammad Aliuddin II (Tubagus Kachung) 1808/1809-deposed 22/8/1810, titular Sultan and de facto Regent, formerly Anakanda Pangeran Ratu Abdul Mafakhir Muhammad Aliuddin,
exiled to Batavia (today Jakarta) 1826, °1787, +Surabaya 9/8/1849. Descendants in Singapore and Malaysia 

Sultan Pangeran Ratu Muhammad Tsafiuddin 1809-1811 and 1813/1816-1832. Son of Sultan Fath III Muhyuddin

Sultan or Regent Muhammad bin Sultan Muhyuddin 1809/1810-deposed 1815, without ruling power 1813-1815, exiled to Batavia (today Jakarta), +Batavia (today Jakarta) 1849. Father (?) of:

Sultan Rafiuddin 1813 or 1815-deposed 6/3/1832, exiled, declared insane, +1900 (mother: Ratu Ayshah, Regent 1815-....)


HH Drs. Tubagus Ismetullah Al Abbas, since 1985, Sultan Muda since 8/2003 (see above, Dynasty Head). Descendant of Pangeran Maulana Hassanuddin Susuhunan Sabakingking