Anakalang, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state on the west of the island of Sumba (Nusa Tenggara Timur). Sovereignty was altered in 1962.

UPDATED: 1/1/2010

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusat Dokumentasi Kerajaan di Indonesia "Pusaka", Vlaardingen, The Netherlands (14/6/2005, 12/3/2007, 16/10/2009, 29/12/2009, 1/1/2010)

Bupati: literally regent, elected civil administrator of a Kapubaten (regency, the administrative division below the province)
Umbu: Lord

Dynasty Head
: The Raja of Anakalang

DYNASTY HEAD: Drs. Umbu Sappi Padetuku II, Raja of Anakalang since 1992, Bupati of Suma Tengah since 3/11/2008, in Java until 1990

1 Umbu Remu Samapati, chief of the parliament of Central Sumba (Sumba Tengah)


Raja ...., abdicated, +1913


Umbu Sulung Ubi Lona, temporary Raja 1958-1962

Raja Umbu Remu Samapati II, +? 12/1979

Umbu Djima, Bupati of West Sumba 1985-1992. Oldest son of Umbu Sulung Ubi Lona

Drs. Umbu Sappi Padetuku II, Raja of Anakalang since 1992 (see above, Dynasty Head). Brother-in-law of Umbu Sulung Ubi Lona