Amfoan, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A state in West Timor, initially ruled as Sorbian by the kings of TaEbenu in the 16th and early 17th centuries and thereafter named Amfoan, split in 2 branches: Amfoan Naikliu and Amfoan Timau. The Raja of Amfoan Naikliu was ruling only the city of Naikliu and the few villages around while the Raja of Amfoan Timau ruled the whole mountain or inland area. The separation between Amfoan Naikliu and Amfoan Timau was encouraged by the Dutch. The whole Amfoan was first ruled by the 2 rulers of the 2 branches, then by the ruler of Amfoan Timau, then by the ruler of Amfoan Naikliu named Aunoni since c1805 until an adopted son of this dynasty, named Talnoni, although uniting the 2 Amfoan principalities, was not anymore recognized by the people in 1922. The Manoch dynasty took over in 1923 with another branch of Amfoan Timau, also named Oil Amanit. Also spelled Amfoang.

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THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms (12/2/2003, 26/3/2003, 1/4/2003, 3/6/2003, 18/10/2003, 24/6/2004, 5/3/2005, 14/3/2006, 30/9/2006)

UPDATED: 3/5/2008

Head of the Dynasty
: The Raja of Amfoan

HEAD OF THE DYNASTY: Robert Gordon Manoh, Raja of Amfoan, installed 27/9/2001, 8/8/1959

FETTOR: Kornelis Be Oef


Muti Oil Amanit, Raja of Amfoan 1923-...., c1870?, +1930. Father of:

Willem Oil Amanit Manoch, Raja of Amfoan 1943-4/1948, +1996. Father of (4th and youngest son):

Robert Gordon Manoh, Raja of Amfoan, installed 9/2001 (see above, Head of the Dynasty)