Amahei Sarani, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: A semi-independent state in South West Seram in the Moluccas (Maluku). The rulers were titled Raja in the 1960s or earlier and cumulated this function with the function of Kepala Dessa (Area Ruler). Although the function of Raja has become elective since the 1960s, the old dynastic system seems to have remained in place. Named Amahei Sarani to distinguish this Rajadom from the Muslim Rajadom of Amahei Islam.

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms (30/4/2002, 29/11/2002)

LAST UPDATE: 5/10/2003

Head of the Family:
The Raja of Amahei Sarani (Dutch title: Patih, indigenous title: Opu Latu)
(Amahai, Seram Islands, Maluku, Indonesia)

DYNASTY: Wattimena and Hallatu until 1845, Hallatu thereafter

Kepala Dessa: Area Ruler

HEAD OF THE FAMILY: Drs Philip Hallatu, Raja of Amahei Sarani since 1990, c1956/1958

Patih Paulus Stevensz (Wattimena)



Patih Pieter Wattimena ....-1734

Patih Johannes Stevensz Wattimena 1734-1740

Patih Bartholomeus Stevensz (Wattimena) 1740-1750

Patih Jacob Hallatu 1750-1774

Patih Jacob Stevensz (Wattimena) 1774-1778

Patih Mattheus Hallatu 1778-1783

Patih Damianus Steven (Wattimena) 1783-18??

Patih Christiaan Hallatu 18??-1804

Patih Mattheus Pati Sena Wattimena 1804-1805

Patih Mattheus Hallatu 1805-1806

Patih Johannes Hallatu 1806-1808

Patih Melkias Tupamahu 1808, probably on a temporary basis in the absence of any Hallatu/Wattimena candidate

Patih Matheus Wattimena 1808-18??


Patih Hendrik P. Wattimena 18??-1845

Patih Huku Hita Porilesia Hallatu 18??-18??

Patih Nuku Hallatu 18??-18??

Patih Useng Hallatu 18??-18??

Patih Elisa Hallatu 18??-18??, titled Sahkeber

Patih Sander Hallatu 18??-18??

Patih Wellem Hallatu 18??-deposed 18??, +before 1899. Brother of:

Patih Izak Hallatu 18??-18??, elected on a temporary basis

Patih Sarmole Hallatu

Raja Abraham Hallatu 1930s/1940s. Son of Patih Sander Hallatu and father of:

Raja Johannes Hallatu 1940s-deposed 1965, deposed for alleged communist sympathies, still alive in 2000

IIn 1965, a hoofd of the Amahei village was appointed, but not accepted.

Raja Arnold Hallatu 1970-abdicated 20/9/1990, +end 1998, deposed earlier as Kepala Dessa (Area Ruler)

Drs Philip Hallatu, Raja of Amahei Sarani since 1990 (see above, Head of the Family)