OEpao, Indonesia

BRIEF HISTORY: One of the 19 states on the island group of Roti, southwest of Timor. Founded in the first half of the 16th century as Rajadom with one ruler at the request of the Portuguese, succeeding 8
united clans. This state was merged with Ringgouw in 1911. The state represented 561 people in 1961. Formerly named Battoise and also spelled OEpa.

THANKS TO: Donald P. Tick gelar Raja Muda Kuno, Pusaka Archive Indonesia Kingdoms pusaka.tick@tiscali.nl (3/6/2003, 19/10/2003, 22/6/2004, 14/8/2004, 14/2/2005, 25/6/2005, 8/1/2008)
Dr Hans Hägerdal (7/1/2008)

UPDATED: 12/1/2008

RELIGION: Christian, after 1756

Fettor, Fetor: Vice Raja, administrator
Manek: Raja

Dynasty Head
: The Manek of OEpao
(Roti, Indonesia)

DYNASTY HEAD: Jefry Sjoen, Manek of OEpao since 2005

RAJA MUDA: Raja Muda Yusuf Sjuoen

To be related:
1 .... Sjioen. Mother of:
1.1 Immens Hawu, X Donna Adeleida Nisnoni, daughter of Don Leopold Nicolaas (Isu) Nisnoni, 4th Raja (Usif Pah) of
Kupang. Parents of:
1.1.1 Tasya Hawu
1.1.2 Glen Frederik Wilson

Son of Manek Gerardus Sjioen:
1 Pieter Sjioen. Father of:
1.1 Jeheskeal (Jeskiel) Sjioen, Manek of OEpao 1977-1999? (see below, Predecessors)

Brothers of Manek Josef Sjioen:
1 Jeheskiel Sjioen. Father of:
1.1 Simon Sjioen. Father of:
1.1.1 Manek Soleiman Sjioen 1946-7/1954 (see below, Predecessors)

2 Alfonseias Sjioen. Father of:
2.1 Manek Cornelis Sjioen 1956-7/1965 (see below, Predecessors)

Son of Manek Christiaan KoEana Edo:
1 Noesa KoEana. Father of:
1.1 Manek Sjioen Oesiain c1800-1844? (see below, Predecessors)

Sons of Manek Balu Foo:
1 Edo Balu

2 Manek Naso Balu c1691-1697 (see below, Predecessors)

Son of Manek Lere Mera:
1 Lusi Lere. Father of:
1.1 Foo Lusi. Father of:
1.1.1 Manek Balu Foo c1686 (see below, Predecessors)

Lere Mera (Mira) c1520, the first Manek 2nd half 16th century

Balu Foo c1686, the first Manek to be recognized by the Dutch with a dignity-stick with silver knot

Manek Naso Balu c1691-1697

Fettor Bala Bintonia c1698

Layang c1703

Manek Bane c1707-1708

Manek Lay Naso c1708-1736. Son of Manek Naso Balu

Fettor Dup Lope c1740

Manek Edo Lay c1740-1744. Son of Manek Lay Naso and father of:

Manek Christiaan KoEana (Kooan) Edo (Edion) or Cuana Edong c1750-1756 and probably 1756-1793, went with the Maneks of Thie, Loleh, Baa and Lelain in Java to find out more on Christian religion,

Toh Kedoh (temporary ruler?) c1766-1784

Ledo Edo (temporary ruler?) c1790. Son of Manek Edo Lay and brother of:

Manek Naso Edo 1793?-....

Manek Sjioen Oesiain c1800-1844?. Grandson of Manek Christiaan KoEana Edo and father of:

Moesa Liman Sjioen 1844-1868 and possibly 1868-1896, the first Manek to be recognized by the Dutch with a dignity-stick (tongkat) with gold knot

Manek Josef (Joesoef) Sjioen 1868-1896 or 1896-....

Fettor Jacobus Jafet recognized 7/12/1874-c1905

Manek Frederik (Federika) Sjioen 1896-abdicated beginning 1926. Brother of Manek Josef Sjioen and father of:

Manek Gerardus (Garardus) Frederik Sjioen 1926-1946

Manek Soleiman Sjoen 1946-7/1954. Grandson of a brother of Manek Josef Sjioen

Manek Samuel Johannis Sjoen 1954-1956. Son of Manek Gerardus Sjioen

Manek Cornelis Sjoen 1956-7/1965. Son of a brother of Manek Josef Sjioen

Manek Zacharias Sjioen 1965-1969, °1922, +1998. Son of a brother of Manek Frederik Sjoen

Manek Samuel Sadrak Bokote 1969-1971. From the Fettor family

Zacharias J. Sjoen, Head of the Dynasty 1971-1977. Son of Manek Zacharias Sjioen

Jeheskeal (Jeskiel) Sjioen, Manek or Dynasty Head of OEpao 1977-1999?. Grandson of Manek Gerardus Sjioen

Manek Simon Sjoen 1999-200?. Brother of Manek Zacharias Sjioen

Jefry Sjoen, Manek of OEpao since 2005 (see above, Dynasty Head). Son of Manek Jeheskeal Sjioen